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UR Group at DSEI 2015 - Report

We were pleased to report another successful four-day event at London’s DSEI again this year as we presented our biggest selection of Advanced Strategic Communications and Specialist Technology solutions for the Defence and Security markets to date.

We also enjoyed more partners joining with us at this event than ever before. We were privileged to be joined by EM Solutions, Agilis Satcom, BATS Wireless, Oceus Networks, Tecom Inc., Elsel and Emcore.

If you visited us - you will have already had initial follow up form our team; please let us know if you need anything else. It was a privilege to have spent time speaking with you during a very busy and enjoyable show.

See you in 2017!

The UR Team

UR Group presented a powerful array of technologies and solutions for the Defence and Security sectors at this year’s DSEI event in London.

The show, which ran from Tuesday the 15th until Friday the 18th September, was held at London’s ExCel centre. We presented the following partners and technologies with live demonstrations.

Ka Band SOTM from EM Solutions

This was the third time we have partnered with EM solutions to present their advanced RF & Satellite communications solutions. This year they demonstrated their Ka-Multiband Satcom-on-the-Move terminal as well as their new Diamond Series Ka-Multiband NanoBUCs.

Fibre Optic Gyroscopes and Advanced Fibre Optic Systems from EMCORE Inc.,

EMCORE showcased their advanced Fibre-Optic Gyroscopes for use in applications such as UAV, targeting systems, platform stabilisation and north-finding. These class-leading FOG’s feature fully-integrated optics and electronics and offer higher accuracy, lower noise and greater efficiency as well as being more economical than competing systems.

Additionally EMCORE featured their Optima Fibre Optic platform, SITU/SIRU TX/Rx’s as well as Fibre Optic Delay lines all focused on applications in the defence and security markets.

Manpack Portable Satcom Antenna System from Agilis

This year, as well as featuring advanced latest-generation X/Ku and DBS BUCs Agilis displayed a 55cm man-portable parabolic antenna system. This high performance antenna system is extremely compact, light and rugged with hand-held controller, built-in compass, Tx rejection filter and selectable GPS input (external or built-in). IP65 and compliant with MIL-STD-810F this terminal is intended to support tactical communications solutions in harsh environments.

Ground-based and Airborne Antenna Systems from Tecom

Tecom Inc, displayed it’s 11” tail-mount Ka/Ku band antenna system. This small compact unit features an industry-leading pointing algorithm leveraging the KuStream1000® airborne satellite connectivity solution. It features interchangeable Ka and Ku Band antenna platforms for maximum flexibility.

Additionally, Tecom shared their MMA-OTM mobile multi band antenna for on-the-move applications. This versatile system can be deployed for medium to long-range directional antenna applications such as ground-based, on-board, UAV, shipboard or on-the-move vehicles.

Elsel presented their LIVET® Remote Weapons Turret

Elsel of La Spezia, a specialist engineering and development company, presented their dual-weapon, stabilised, remote weapons targeting system at this years DSEI with live demonstrations. This light, portable and flexible station can be mounted with up to two weapons of customer specification, for example both a .50MG and 40AGL type weapon. The Livet® platform features a sensor suite and a fire-control system that allows on-the-move target acquisition and first burst target engagement.

4G LTE Communications from Oceus Networks

Oceus Networks presented their Xiphos® 4G LTE tactical communications platform. Xiphos® is a portable 4th Generation, Long Term Evolution, tactical broadband solution based on rugged modular hardware (HW) components. Xiphos provides mobile broadband quickly in areas where no other suitable network exists, and offers high-speed data, video and voice to facilitate complex applications and operations. Xiphos is scalable and can operate in a stand-alone or networked environment.

Wireless Antenna Radio Systems from BATS Wireless

BATS Wireless provides industry-first, intelligent, directional WWAN tracking and stabilisation systems that enable self-healing, massive capacity, wireless broadband networks over long distances; between stationary and mobile vehicles & vessels. BATS displayed a wireless point-to-point antenna radio system at this year’s UR Group booth.

About UR Group

Through our Demand Creation model, the UR Group provide technology know-how, innovative engineering solutions & supply chain services to the Defence, Transportation, Healthcare and Industrial sectors.

We specialise in Advanced Strategic Communications Platforms and Innovative Specialist Engineering Solutions. Our portfolio comprises world-class industry partners and is firmly driven by customer needs.

Our Pan-European locations place our specialist sales and support teams close to our customers. This, together with our ability to provide Supply Chain Management and specialist design and development from our Technical Competence Centres gives UR Group an offering which is unique in the marketplace today.

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